Thursday, 1 October 2009

We Need More Sellers!

Dreamaid will be the subject of a major television documentary which is likely to result in substantial numbers of people visiting the site to purchase our items.

This presents a huge opportunity for our sellers and we are concerned that we need more of your items to sell.

If you are not already selling on Dreamaid we would love to see you benefitting from this great publicity and if you are already selling, please maximise the number of products you have avaliable to sell.

Sweet Dreams

Peter McAteer


Emma in Wonderland said...

I'm here and looking forward to selling on Dreamaid and helping support artists in the developing world - thanks for giving me such an easy way to raise money for a worthwhile cause!

Good luck to us all!
Emma ♥

sewsusan said...

A wonderful cause and I wish everyone the best of luck in making Dreamaid a huge success.

Angel (Susan)

dreamaid said...

The enthusiasm everyone has for Dreamaid when they find out about is heartwarming!

Our biggest task is telling the world about us so we can all be successful :)