Monday, 5 October 2009

Craft Advice

In our experience the handicrafts network love to share ideas and know how. Many people face similar issues on which they would like advice. Also, both locally and internationally we have found that some people have really interesting techniques that others could benefit from learning.

One example is incredibly fine paper made from elephant dung in Thailand and a lesser quality paper made from recycled paper in Mexico. How do we transfer such knowledge? The addition of flower petals in Mexico created very intersting paper and maybe the Thai people would benefit from this?

We believe we have the answer to these challenges in hand...

We are putting the final touches to our learning environment for handicrafts people.

What should we call it? Options we are considering are:

Dream Answers
Craft Answers
Craft Advice

Can you think of a better title?

We are working with our Dreamers to create the logic behind the database so that it is more useful to them.

Best wishes,

Pete McAteer

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