Friday, 11 September 2009

New Childrens Category

Following many requests, we have now added a new category for Childrens products on the Dreamaid website.

If you have a large number of products that you would like to relist under this category, please contact our Support dept and we will be able to do this in bulk for you rather than you having to edit and relist each product.

Murray Cormack
Lead Developer

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Mexico - Hammocks on sale!!

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Take a look at these incredible hammocks. I met this commune of ladies from Merida in the Yukatan region of Southern Mexico during the world tour. They are being helped by Cemex and we have worked together to bring their products to you on Dreamaid.

The hammocks take 2 months to create and are of incredibly high quality. I've bought one for my son to take to University as we all know how much rest a student needs :)

Take a look at

Sooooo good to see them on Dreamaid!! :)

Best wishes to them and here's wishing them every success...

Peter McAteer

Notable Updates

In addition to the multiple currency capability recently announced we now have the ability to rank products by 'price', 'date listed or 'donation'.

This makes it easier for people to buy within a price bracket or for sellers to list at a price that is appropriate for the marketplace.

We can also see that almost everyone likes to donate to the Dreamaid Charity which demonstrates the caring nature of our Dreamers!!

Thanks for your continued support!

Peter McAteer