Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mexico - Press Conference UK Embassy Mexico City

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With the assistance of the UK Embassy (UKTI) a press conference was held within the Embassy on the 29th of July.

I was at pains to stress that Dreamaid is a commercial entity leading a Charity and that to be successful in our attempts to support the poorer artisans we needed to be first a successful business. The larger the company becomes the more it can support and help those needing access to the internet and the marketplace.

I also stressed that we are seeking the support of the media to help us to help others and how powerful it would be if we could get famous artists and artisans on board to support us by selling their products and art on Dreamaid.

A TV crew from Projecto Cuarenta (Project / Channel 40) attended and performed an interview to be shown on national TV. This was a key result for the global tour and hopefully a real breakthrough for Dreamaid.

The presenter and the producer were highly impressed by Dreamaid and assured me that they would be keen to follow up the progress of Dreamaid in Mexico with further coverage. Projecto Cuarenta also has a Foundation which they said would probably be keen to work with Dreamaid. The team also said they would join our Dreamers and I look forward to welcoming them aboard.

The Public Relations part of the Lala Group (Mexico’s largest dairy producer) attended which was testimony to their support and greatly appreciated. I gave a presentation in which I outlined the wonderful reception we had from Cemex (the world’s third largest cement company) and Soriana (Mexico’s largest supermarket chain) too; outlining the potential projects that we were exploring with all three of these great corporations.

The editor of the Mexican equivalent of the Financial Times (El Financiero) also attended and performed an independent interview following the press conference. They have since put out a very encouraging Press Release which has been picked up by NotiSureste a news agency in the South East of Mexico. Their reaction was very favourable, demonstrating a clear understanding of the need for the Dreamaid commercial drive to pull people above the poverty line whilst the Dreamaid Charity could push from below by supporting them.

Two Mexican government departments also attended representing the area responsible for Indigenous People and Culture. They were very enthusiastic about Dreamaid and follow up meetings were scheduled.

The Press Conference was a resounding success with a small but highly focused group of people from key areas of the Mexican media, government and corporations. Although this proved an effective communications tool the follow up is critical and there is much work to be done in keeping the momentum going.

With special thanks to the team at UKTI.

Peter McAteer

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