Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro - Chevron

A series of meetings were held with Chevron on various topics in which the potential for working with Dreamaid was raised. As a result of these conversations we were passed to the person responsible for CSR within the company.

A meeting was held and in which the lady concerned said that she had researched the Dreamaid website and in 28 years of working in Brazil in this area she had not seen what Dreamaid was offering. It was the first time she had seen a company and a charity working in unison to support and market their products.

Such was her enthusiasm that she has given us several key contacts to develop our relationship with and encouraged to apply for Chevron sponsorship formally in the next two weeks for a substantial sum of money. This will be part of a Corporate wide initiative and we are delighted to be invited to participate.

We have some work cut out to bring this to a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned but it is wonderful to have the opportunity to do so.

Peter McAteer

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