Friday, 7 May 2010

BBC2 Programme Arrives at Last :)

The long awaited BBC2 documentary which features the first six weeks to five months of Dreamaid is due to be shown starting the 18th of May at 8pm UK time. It is called "Theo's Adventure Capitalists" and is made highly entertaining by the presentation style of the successful businessman and character Theo Paphitis.

The programme offers a great opportunity to our Dreamers to illustrate the wonderful products that they make to a huge audience. We are expecting around a million visitors to the site and as we are still very young we need to ensure we have enough quality products from around the world to sell. The programme is principally being shown in the UK but will be going global through BBC World.

The programme will follow a similar style to this one last week which was following three companies in Vietnam.

The documentary is business led and therefore may not cover the social project work we are undertaking in Brazil with photographers from the favela in Rio de Janeiro or with Talentos do Brasil to help around 2000 artisans.

We will also be followed by the Open University and used in educational programmes for business students.

It is also planned to use Dreamaid as an example of 'Sustainable Business' which is the whole point of the business and social strategy.

Exciting times even though I may have to hide behind the sofa on a few occasions!! However, I am delighted that Dreamaid is sufficiently interesting to have captured the imagination of so many influential people and now potentially will have a truly global audience :)

Early days in any business are a roller coaster so enjoy the programme and help us to keep this train on the tracks. This journey promises to be a wonderful one for so many people from so many wide and varied backgrounds. All sharing one Vision of a fairer world which recognises the value of handmade products, globally.

Have fun and thanks for sharing the dream.

Best wishes,

Peter McAteer


Jean said...

Something big is happening in Dreamaid land! I have never had so many friend request from Folksy and Misi and Twitter friends who have joined the site.
Well done gang on the promo. You have worked so hard. x x x

Just K Jewellery said...

I've just written about this on the MISI forum too

dreamaid said...

Jean you are part of the Dream too. Thank you so much for keeping faith with us.

We are hoping this is the start of something brilliant! :)

dreamaid said...

Just K - thank you so much for helping us. We just can't find enough hours in the day to communicate in all the ways possible but we're trying :)

Fingers crossed that this turns out to be the start of something amazing. A couple of newspapers are keen to follow up too...

Adien Crafts said...

I've only just joined you but your enthusiasm is catching...I'm so excited about watching you all tonight, and looking forward to great times ahead for Dreamaid, Di x

Sam said...

I have just joined too. Well done guys, just watched the programme.