Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Mexico - Merida

Today was spent within a hammock making commune assisted by the Cemex company.

Their warmth and hospitality was humbling and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the local people. My son and daughter demonstrated their hammock making skills and my son was offered a training position by the local ladies. (Well I offered his services to their loud laughter and applause)...

We are planning to buy a couple of their beautiful hammocks for our use in the UK and to have them sent by courier to avoid us having to carry them.

Donna Maria kindly gave us a seat hammock as a present. It was very special to her as it was her first product made after her training. Such was the enthusiasm of the commune to the Dreamaid approach to supporting them.

Almost everything is already in place with this group as they have a working commune, internet access and the support of Cemex to assist them in their development. By working together with Cemex we hope to be able to increase the sales of the hammocks both within Mexico and internationally. There are a few issues that need to be addressed but I am confident we can overcome them. Especially with the forward thinking people at Cemex in support.

Thanks to Carlos, Karen and Mariel of Cemex for their assistance in making this visit possible and we hope to be able to make the dreams of the local people come true. A very memorable day indeed :)

The quality of the workmanship is awesome. I've requested two for delivery to the UK as soon as they are online.

A wonderfully positive day in so many ways.

Peter McAteer

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