Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Mexico - Casa las Artesanias de Yukatan

An open discussion with the local government support foundation for artesans in the Yukatan peninsula gave substance to some earlier concerns. There were difficulties to be faced with Mexican legislation regarding taxation as many artisans operate outwith the tax environment.

Dreamaid may cause them to be more visible and this could put some artisans and artists off the idea of using Dreamaid. Also, the problem of internet access appeared to be very widespread across the area. However, our hosts were very appreciative of the potential for Dreamaid and agreed to assist us in contacting the artists and artisans in order to see if we could get them on board.

We also agreed to seek corporate support where possible to reach out to artists and artisans.

A visit to the shop run by the Foundation revealed a wide variety of products from the Yukutan ranging in both quality and style. There appeared to be a need for design input in some areas to widen the appeal of the products produced.

It was agreed that we would explore ways to work together to the mutual benefit of both Dreamaid and the Foundation and its artisans.

Thanks to Sylvia and Luz Elena for their time and a very rewarding discussion.

Best regards,

Peter McAteer

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