Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mexican Art at the British Museum

Apologies for lack of communication. I've been doing a bit of running around again :)

Last week I was in London on my way back from Brazil and was invited by BP to the opening of an exhibition of Mexican art at the British Museum. Several interesting conversations were had with heads of various companies regarding potential CSR support and I will follow those up in due course.

I returned to take a closer look a week later for a Breakfast meeting and to hear a speach from the Mexican Embassador and a young winner of a competition to describe the meaning of the "Day of Dead" - a Mexican celebration in which they remember their dead relatives and loved ones.

Key companies that showed further interest were Cemex, Mexicana (national airline) and BP. I was very grateful for the opportunity to discuss with various people our Dreamaid Charity projects and aspirations.

Thank you BP for your continued encouragement.

Best regards,

Peter McAteer

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