Monday, 29 June 2009

Dreamaid launched in Portuguese

Last week was spent in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro discussing the newly released Portuguese version of Dreamaid and seeking the support of large companies in helping the Dreamaid Charity.

A visit to some of the key artist areas revealed emotional support for Dreamaid with some people being brought to tears by the opportunity that Dreamaid represents for them and their fellow artists. The welcome was heart warming and demonstrated that the potential for serving Brazilian buyers and sellers with Dreamaid is significant.

The response from major companies for supporting the Dreamaid Charity was also very encouraging and we will be seeking to assist poor artists in some key areas soon.

Highlights included Paulo who taught young beggars to make crayons from discarded wood so they didn't have to beg; Mario the sculptor who works in the market square to share his skills and was moved to tears when hearing of Dreamaid; Regina who I bought my daughter's Peace bracelet from and who is now selling on Dreamaid; Jaime's incredible paintings that are now available on Dreamaid; the potential to enable Favela young people to sell their photographic prints through Dreamaid, sponsored by a global company.

Such is the intrigue in Dreamaid that we were followed by a film team for a potential documentary on an internationally recognised TV network as part of a series on international entrepreneurial ventures. Hopefully there will be more on this later...

Best wishes,

Peter McAteer

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