Monday, 20 April 2009

Managing Director

As Dreamaid fast approaches its official launch date of the 1st of May we celebrate our first New Dreamers joining our community! And their successful sales and donations to the Dreamaid Charity! It has been an exciting weekend with a lot happening and this is just the start... Thank you all for your enthusiasm and kind understanding as we go through our early teething problems ;)


Peter McAteer said...

There are a few amazing things in the planning stage at the moment too... Can't wait to announce those little gems ;)

June Macleod said...

Congratulations on the launch of your new site.

Pete McAteer said...

It has been a very encouraging first week with over 170 products online for sale and over 70 new Dreamers ;)

Next week promises to be exciting too with key visits to meet media companies interested in a documentary covering Dreamaid and large companies interested in supporting our aims.

It feels so good to be doing something positive and to have such strong support from so many corners of the world, business and artists alike!

Pete McAteer said...

We are looking for a graphic to communicate the Dreamaid concept. It will be used in presentations, on the website and possibly on downloadable posters to use for promotion at Arts & Craft Fairs or similar. There is a contest ongoing at so please feel free to join in the fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi, any reason why you have items posted without artists' approval? That is, you have posted items from where the sellers themselves had no idea, but you posted their images and their descriptions verbatim without their approval or authority.

wingsoflove said...

I myself have recieved messages from memebers of a different site I sell on trying to claim I have been "copied" on here but I assure you I am 100% genuinly me. There is no law against selling in more then one place and I feel DreamAid are far more deserving of my sales as they do more then just put money in their back pockets. I enjoy the feeling I get when I make a sale and donate my % to DreamAid.
Please stop trying to tarnish what is soon to be a thriving charity based hand made selling site.

Keep up the great work!

Nat xXx

Pete McAteer said...

Apologies for the delay in responding. I am in London where I have been seeking support in poor countries for our Dreamaid Charity.

I was also being interviewed for a documentary by the BBC on our socio economic venture and attending the Institute of Directors Annual Conference at the Albert Hall.

In all of these instances I have experienced outstanding support for Dreamaid.

Pete McAteer said...

It is sad that a person doesn't have the courage to give their name and contact details when making accusations.

This makes it difficult to believe that the person doesn't have a vested interest in making our very honourable cause difficult.

There was an incident before we released when a developer testing the site copied images from somewhere as illustrations. This person has been appropriately dealt with but I can assure everyone that there was no attempt to sell, defraud or damage anyone at all.

It was not possible to sell an item that wasn't in our possession. It was not possible to copy the said items and we have absolutely no interest in so doing.

I personally made a full apology to the individuals concerned and made a public apology on the thread associated with a site called Etsy. (A site I personally had no knowledge of until very recently). You will find this on page 16 of that thread.

I and my team have put two and half years of very hard work in to this socio economic venture and a very significant amount of personal cash. As a result we will deal with inaccurate and accusing statements appropriately.

I am a Chartered Director with 17 years international business experience and take my legal and ethical responsibilities very seriously indeed.

Once again I shall make it clear that Dreamaid formally apologises for the misunderstanding and any stress caused by the individual tester that used a few individuals information when testing the site prior to launch. There was no attempt to cause harm to anyone. Best regards, Peter McAteer Bsc C.Eng. C.Dir FIMMM MIoD MIBC

Jean said...

I think you are doing a great job with Dreamaid and I will do my best to support you and pass on your deatails.
Jean x